6 micro-habits to try in the new year for a happier 2023

Ditch the massive resolutions and go for something more attainable instead.

The new year is all too often a time of ‘should’, where we take on unachievable goals and pledges in pursuit of a new and improved version of ourselves. It’s natural to want to be better, but when that wish becomes the pursuit of perfection, or includes unrealistic resolutions that trigger awful self-criticism when they’re not achieved, that’s clearly not healthy. 

But we still want that start of the year feeling, right? So how do we do that? The answer might lie in micro-habits, rather than big, grand changes. 


Here, Anna recommends six micro-habits we can all try in the year ahead. 

1. Take something off your to-do list

“In the new year, getting more stuff done might be very high on the list of priorities,” says Tomkins. “Counterintuitively, taking something away might be the solution to get more done. 

“Often, we accept to-dos and give them a similar priority. Once we have to choose what gets kicked off that list, we have to prioritise and also make more time for the really important things.”

2. Talk to a stranger

When was the last time you had a moment of social connection with someone you don’t know? It might feel daunting, but even the smallest interaction can go a long way in boosting your mood. 

“Research has shown that talking to strangers makes us happier,” Tomkins says. “Against common belief that people might feel intruded, a casual chat is something that most people are open to. As social beings, we need human interaction and talking to strangers helps us connect with people in a different way to connecting with our loved ones. Most people react very positively when chatted to in a casual way.”


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