How many journaling pages are in Handbook for Today?  

We give you 6 pages of journaling per week and a seventh page for weekly reflection.   One book gives you 15 weeks of journaling and a lot of pages of extra information!  From our experience our customers may skip a day once in a while, and that’s completely normal – you fill in the calendar dates, so you can go at your own pace.  Including all the informational pages, it’s a 280 page book.


Why 24 micro habits and why exactly those ones?

Our 24 positive habits are spread across three days and this pattern repeats through the book. We think that 8 of these micro habits are enough to try to achieve each day, giving you a good challenge without adding to your stresses. And as habits need a lot of repetition to become second nature, we kept it simple for this journal. Those 24 habits are a variety of positive habits that should ultimately make us feel happier. They reflect our “four pillar” approach to wellbeing. Some are for our physical health (e.g. “done some exercise”), some for our inner self (e.g. structure giving habits like “made my bed”), others are reminders to connect with others (“given a hug”), or with the world around us (“connected with nature”).

There are a lot of amazing micro habits that we haven’t included in the book because, like taking something unnecessary of your to-do list, sometimes it’s good to keep tasks limited to make them do-able. Also, the micro habits we have chosen should not cost any money or time, or very little of both. That’s why e.g. meditation is not on the list, as in our view, it takes a lot of time!

But please feel free to add personal habits that are important to you as an individual. You know yourself best. If you want to go to bed earlier, get up sooner, meditate, cut out sugar, take your vitamin supplements, create your own habit and write this down under your daily list.


Why are there no habits around productivity in Handbook for Today?

We are aware that being productive is a human need and makes us feel good. Feel free to include your productivity habits in the free space. Handbook for Today focusses on well-being and resilience, which are two important assets to help achieve your goals (career and otherwise). However, for us, a journal focussed mainly on productivity is a different book entirely (actually watch this space, we have one under development…).  


Does Handbook for Today come in other colours?

No, not currently, but do let us know at hello@handbookfortoday.com if you do think future versions should be available in different colours.


Is Handbook for Today recommended for people with mental health issues?

Handbook for Today is no substitute for seeing a medical professional if you think you need professional help.  We believe that Handbook for Today can have a positive effect on many people.  However, if you have very serious mental health issues, or think you may have, we encourage you to seek professional help. For the UK, make an appointment with your GP, and you might also find this helpful: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/stress-anxiety-depression/mood-self-assessment/

If you are already seeing a mental health professional, please ask them about using Handbook for Today to make sure it serves your best interests.


Refund and Shipping Policies

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How do I contact you?

For any questions, please email hello@handbookfortoday.com or write to us at 10 Redburn Street, London, SW3 4BX, UK.