About Us

Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by. If, like me, you want to stop worrying and start thriving in life, you are in the right place!

Handbook for Today was born out of my own strong personal desire for some guidance in life. Started in May 2020, I wanted to find tools that help people like me deal with things that life throws at us (a global pandemic somehow acted as quite the catalyst).  

Even before the pandemic, many will agree that life wasn’t without its worries and stresses and just a lot of “stuff” we all need to deal with. So how do we tackle it?

Some of this is just life happening to us, the other “stuff” are big life events, things we chose for ourselves but no-one has prepared us for! 

So I started creating workbooks that give prompts and actionable advice on how to not only manage the things we are given, but get into the proverbial driver's seat and take control where we can. 

Handbook for Today is a space for everyone who needs healthy coping strategies for the things we can’t control and a few clever tools to help us make the best of the very day we have in front of us.

Currently, we have launched Handbook for Today, your well-being and personal growth journal and we are excited to have recently launched Handbook for Getting Hitched, a marriage preparation guide!

Anna and Julian Tomkins - Handbook for Today Talking about it, Handbook for Today has been created not only by me, but also my husband Julian, who is co-founder of the brand. Marriage preparation was one of the best things we did before our wedding more than 7 years ago! Two daughters, two shared companies, a premature birth story and a pandemic in the time, to name a few, shows that we did weather some storms and we are still going strong. 

With this experience comes some insight. Life will always throw things at us, but we can control how we react, we can prepare ourselves and we can learn how to behave when the road gets rocky. We are delighted to be able to help you a bit along the way.

I hope you have an amazing TODAY