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Handbook for Today offers a simple and affordable way to bring well-being in to your employees lives.

The well-being and personal growth journal is based on principles of positive psychology and helps to improve your employees' overall well-being.  

Our accompanying on-line and bespoke coaching program provides practical advice on positive daily habits, gratitude-awareness and personal-growth journaling

The Handbook for Today program is designed to help all employees to put daily healthy habits into action.

There is no tech implementation, no skills needed and hardly any time necessary to fill in the journal. It doesn't take away from work time and only takes a few minutes a day. It supports the user with little reminders of positive habits (like exercise and going for a walk outside) that might seem obvious, but are crucial for mental (and physical) well-being. 

Handbook for Today is age-neutral, gender-neutral and inclusive. It's designed for every human being that needs more balance in their lives or wants to keep a healthy lifestyle for body and mind. 

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