Call a friend!

For most of us, meeting with friends and family has never been as difficult as this year. Covid restrictions limit the amount of people we can see and it’s hard. As humans, we are very social animals and for that reason, we need to interact with others. The most uplifting interaction is always with people we love. They get us. So the next best thing to an in-person meeting is a good old-fashioned phone call. 

A text doesn’t replace a call

 It’s nice to send a quick “hello” via text message, but it doesn’t replace a proper conversation. Send the text to schedule the call instead.

Why is connection with friends and family so important?

In these times, it’s easy to forget that we are not alone! Other people go through tough times and talking to a dear friend is giving us a good amount of perspective for our own lives. A proper catch up is very mindful, as you will concentrate on your friends story. But also,  close friends are likely to be open about things they struggle with and it will remind you that we all are going through difficult times every now and again!

 Reduce distractions and interruptions

Remember the time of phones with actual cables? We had one of those in my parent’s house and it had its own room and a comfy chair next to it. No, I haven’t been growing up in a palace, but somehow my parents must have decided that that’s the “telephone room”. In that room, there wasn’t much that could distract you and that was somehow the beauty of it, being able to fully focus on the call. Mobile phones give us the ability to make and take calls from everywhere, and whilst that is very useful when you’re out and about and get a call to bring another pint of milk home, but it can be harmful for a proper conversation. You are having the call to be with your friend.

Schedule in enough time

It’s nice to quickly check-in with friends or family, but sometimes it’s important to have a good old long chat. With a busy schedule, it’s worth putting in as a meeting in your diary! 

Video call? 

The answer is yes and no. It's nice to see the other person, but it's also distracting in a way. It also means you have to set yourself up for it. I'm not always a fan, as I find it quite irritating to see myself on the screen as well. 

Don’t assume your friends  are too busy for a catch up

 Ask them! Text your friends and ask what times works, and put it in the calendar. I’m guilty when it comes to assuming that everybody is crazy busy and need to remind myself that I just need to ask when a good time is. If the next slot is only in 8 week’s, so be it. I’m lucky to have friends all over Europe and some even further than that. Even in “normal” times it’s not easy to meet up, but a decent phone call is great.


So text your friend, make a proper appointment, and when on the call sit down in a comfy place and have fun chatting!