Do something silly!

I have no statistical evidence for this, but for me, it feels like people have forgotten how to be silly. Or maybe it’s just me.

The whole Covid pandemic certainly didn’t help anyone to feel light and up for a bit of fun for the sheer point of it, but in these times it’s needed more than ever.

What do I mean with being silly? Doing something that has no purpose apart from being fun for that moment, something that feels a bit embarrassing in public, harmless fun that brings joy. That could be a pillow fight, or dancing in the bathroom, whatever floats your boat (for me, that Hugh Grant dancing scene from the movie Love Actually comes to mind)!

Admittedly, I’m not great at being silly most times. With my head full of tasks for the day and responsibilities, being silly feels indulgent. But that’s wrong!!

Doing something silly is mindful

Once you choose to do something silly you will find yourself totally in the moment. If you are singing into a soap-bar microphone and dancing in the corridor with all the possible dance moves you know, it’s unlikely that you think of tomorrow’s deadline or next week’s dentist appointment.

Being silly helps us taking ourselves less seriously

High up on my mindset change list is to take myself less seriously. Taking myself less seriously doesn’t mean I take my personal wellbeing less seriously, it means to stop treating myself as a project needing improvement all the time. Sometimes it’s fine to just be. 

Being silly is happiness in an instant

The great thing about being silly like no one is watching, is that it instantly makes you happier and it’s totally free. If you start juggling a few oranges and they all fall down, they will still be there afterwards. Warning: the same doesn’t apply for raw eggs….

Doing something silly makes us feel alive

It’s the ultimate freedom! There are so many rules that we have to follow in the society we live in, doing something silly makes us feel free and alive. It also makes us appreciate our bodies and minds that are capable of doing those things that just bring pure joy.

And, even when you are not at home, chances are that no-one is actually watching. So go ahead and do something fun and properly silly today!