Immediately Create your own Happiness with these Small Habits

It's March and - in London - Spring seems to be miles away, it's in fact quite cold and grey here just now. Even more important to look after ourselves if we can't get natural uplift quite yet (always being an optimist, I'm sure it won't take long from now)! 

So if happiness doesn't come to us, we need to create our own and mini habits are a winner. We are always sharing habits that are realistic to do for everyone who has lots to do. They are the kind-of "most bang for you buck" habits! 

Here I'm sharing six hugely beneficial 🌼 habits you can do every day, even with very little time! We see you! Who has a lot of time for new habits?

Here are our top 6 that you can do EVERY DAY in just minutes.

1. Enjoy Nature. 🪴
Connecting with nature is mindful and relaxes and it can be done in minutes. Not leaving the house? Examine a piece of fruit or enjoy your houseplant for 60 seconds. Spring tip: get yourself some fresh flowers in the house, 10 ore more stems of daffodils are only £1 in most supermarkets right now, next time you get your pint of milk, add some flowers!

2. Exercise. 🏃🏻‍♀️
Yes, you can exercise in just a few minutes. You could incorporate exercise in your daily routine and take a bike to work or (partly) walk. Or you just roll out a mat at home and do a few minute of exercises. Youtube has also great videos to exercise in minutes, standing up! Pro tip: do this first thing in the morning, this way you have it already "out of the way" and depending how much effort you put in you can shower afterwards.

3. Learn something new. 🥽
This gives a great feeling of achievement and makes confident over time. This can be work related or personal. All sorts of things count. Also the lyrics for your favourite new song.

This is (maybe) something new for you so that you can tick this box:

My daughter has been given a fantastic books about amazing facts for 8 year olds, so this has lots of random knowledge. She told me there is a Japanese word for books that you have bought but haven't read yet. The word is TSUNDOKU. I don't only have a (nearly) 8 year old, I also have a 4 year old. So I have a lot of TSUNDOKU currently...

4. Smile at someone 😃
Takes no time and makes so much happier. Just try it out, ideally multiple times a day. I keep on repeating this, mostly as some form of autosuggestion. Because I need to tell MYSELF that I need to smile even more. I am getting better but occasionally I have resting grumpy face and neither does it suit me nor does it make people around me happy. I am currently smiling at my screen hoping it will smile back. 

5. Do something silly 🤸🏿‍♂️
Do something just for the fun of it and don’t be embarrassed. The best things in life are the silly moments! Like on everything we all are on a scale here. Often I am a 1-3 (not silly but ultra serious). It's not easy, but once a day, try to be a 9. Imagine everyone being really silly (in a nice way) just once a day. Yup, the world would be a better place.