Time to talk!

February 3rd is "Time to talk” day in the UK and a day to help us all raise awareness of the need to talk about our mental health. 

Whilst we think we should talk about our feelings and mental health as much as possible, this is a good a day as any to start the conversation on mental health. To be fair, early February does lend itself to chats about feeling depressed or down, because this time of the year is not the easiest for the strongest of minds.

So who should we talk to?

That someone can be a therapist or medical professional, but it also can be 

- a friend

- a family member

- a work colleague

- your neighbour

- anyone you trust

Sometimes friends and family feel very “close to home” and we feel uncomfortable talking about our worries. Sometimes they are exactly our people.

Why talk to someone?

Whatever you feel, it will be easier if you share your burden and have someone to just listen what you are going through. Often, this can already be very therapeutic. We have all been through a lot and each person took the pandemic in a different way, but most us suffered in some form and found it hard to keep mentally strong.

Talking to someone means opening up possible solutions for direct problems, tackling worries together or just venting. It makes us feel less alone and also brings perspective. Once spoken out loud, are our issues as bad? Some might fade by just talking, other issues might be more severe. A person you trust might be able to point you towards someone who can help and offer support. 

When to talk?

As soon as possible, there is never a “good time” and some problems don’t simply sort themselves out. It’s ok to ask for help and there are people who will take the time to listen.

What to talk about?

No worry is too small! Often we think that other people’s worries and problems are bigger than ours and we don’t talk about our own stresses and worries. Once we do, we also help others opening up.

In Handbook for Today, one of or habits is getting in touch with a person we love. This can be a text to check in, but also should be an in-person conversation about the great and the not so great stuff in our lives to help support each other. Once something is out in the open it is a lot easier to deal with!