Worried about events you can't control? Here is help!

There is a lot happening in the world around us and not everything is good news. Some events can cause deep distress, no matter if they happen on a smaller or bigger scale, once we can't control what is happening to us, what can we do? 

1. Show yourself some compassion

Often, we forget to show ourselves some compassion and care. When circumstances are difficult, we are allowed to give ourselves a break. It’s important to give ourselves a break and to understand that we are only human and that it’s ok to be a bit upset when things don’t go our way.

2. Find what you CAN control!

In every situation that you are involved with, there are things you can control, certainly you can control your perception of a situation! First of all, remind yourself that panicking won’t solve the issue and try to calm yourself down.

3. Focus on what you can change

There are things that you can change, so focus on those, not on the ones you can’t! If we planned an outdoor party and it is pouring with rain, we can’t change the weather but we can book a marquee or move the party indoors.

4. Face your fears

The worst case is unlikely to happen, but think about what you would do if it would. This makes it easier to bear! Actually, there might be still a very acceptable Plan B if Plan A is falling apart.

5. Don’t overthink, make an action plan

“Even if the action plan means you will simply distract yourself from the situation, it’s a plan! Write this down, don’t solve it in your head! Depending on the complexity of the issue it might help writing a few things down that you can actually act on, not only does that help the situation, but it also helps you getting back in the driver’s seat.

6. Plan healthy coping mechanisms

If you get stressed about things that you can’t change, prepare yourself with a self-care plan. To get your anxious feelings better under control, try journaling. Positive affirmations like “I will get through this.” or “I am strong.” can also be helpful and so can exercise.

There are certainly events that are a lot worse than just a rainy day. There is no one-size-fits-all to cope with uncertainty, but you will hardly ever go wrong with showing yourself some compassion before you start accepting your circumstances!