• Being motivated alone is not enough, endurance is key!

    Why is it so difficult to find endurance, when motivation comes so easily?
  • Fall seven times and get up eight!

    Resilience is key to thrive in the modern world, here is how to become more resilient.
  • Simple and effective happiness tip: Plan some fun!

    No-effort happiness tip: plan some fun to make sure it happens. Very little effort needed to have fun later and the enjoyment of having something to look forward to!
  • How to deal with negative people

    Take a break from people who bring you down more than lift you up. But all with kindness and empathy.
  • Have you eaten your greens today?

    A healthy mind lives in a healthy body and as banal as it sounds, eating your greens makes a difference.⁣⁣⁣⁣ Green vegetables 🌱(done right) are del...
  • Here is how to cope with adversity! ⁣⁣

    Actionable tips how to cope with adveristy!
  • Exponential (personal) growth

    "Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement"
  • Exchange an unhealthy snack with a healthy one!

    A healthy snack keeps you energised and happy, longterm it benefits your overall health. We tell you how to "trick" yourself into snacking healthier!
  • Call a friend!

    Staying in touch with loved ones is important. How to make phone calls that lift the mood!
  • A to-do list that makes you happy

    A to-do list that makes you happy. 

    How to manage a to-do list that works in your favour, helps organizing your day and frees up some time for the fun things. 

    Declutter your to-do's to get more important things done and eventually be happier. 

  • Do something silly!

    Doing something silly is an instant happiness boost. It makes us feel alive, helps us taking our selves less seriously and brings things into perspective sometimes. Why do we love to be a bit silly? It's totally mindful and it's free!
  • Make your bed - why structure can be really powerful

    Making your bed - Why a small habit, like making your bed, can increase your overall wellbeing.